An Ethno-cultural photo exhibition Colours of India held at Dnipro city central library.

India is a fascinating country from every corner of the globe you would not find such a diverse culture and vibrant democracy. Recently I got the opportunity to exhibit a small panorama of India in a photo exhibition ‘Colour’s Of India’ that was held in Ukraine.

It was an ethnocultural project of The Department of Foreign Documents of Dnipro city central library. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the library which always has powerful contributions to the development of intercultural dialogue and humanitarian, socio-cultural projects.

Happy and excited Olena visited the exhibition. She has been the motivational force for me to do this project.

Every visual artist and storyteller has a dream that his work reaches the masses, for people to appreciate and understand his point of view and if you get a chance to exhibit your art on world forum then nothing could make you more happy with this achievement.

My exhibition, Colours of India was part of my that dream which came into reality in Ukraine.In December 2019 Colours of India photo exhibition from 5th December to 24th December held in Dnipro city central library Ukraine.

This project had an educational, socio-cultural purpose to study traditions and overcome stereotypes. The visitors from different backgrounds came to see the exhibition and observed the details and of the Indian lifestyle, the colourful traditions, common faces and learn the stories behind those pictures.

The highlight of the exhibition was children’s pictures and common people stories. Visitors  expressed their questions about my pictures and was answered by curator Alina Solnyshkina ( she is sociologist and teacher at Dnipro industrial college.)

I am happy that my work got featured in a place for knowledge sharing and promotion of Indian culture through my artwork.
Some glimpses of this exhibition in pictures.

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